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A duo of two dj’s, Beatbutcher the pad-drummer and
Odilon the scratch-singer,met during the Android summer festival on Saturn in the year 3011.
They got their style from geeking for centuries over the galaxies, always looking for the perfect beat.
Because of Fabot, one of the most famous Zaktarian sensei in Belgikistan, they found out how to use
the force and became worldchampions in the I.D.A. team-battle.

As residents of planet earth, they‘re here to play electronic music like an acoustic instrument.
Make sure to fix up your galactic dancing shoes  when they’re on stage,
because these guy’s are bringing traditional oldskool music from
the year 3011!!!

During the last ten years, Odilon was making live music,
broadcasting his passion for turntablism at the dancefloors.
He changed his homebase from the South of France to Brussels, (the center off the universe).
Besides being a selector he won serveral scratchbattles all over Europe
and became ‘Beat4battle’ representative for Belgium.
Coming from the Hip Hop 80’s and influenced by the 3000’s,
dj Odilon uses the good old Technics MK2 like any instrument.

Between 2006 and 2008 Beatbutcher worked as a dj in Brazil and started producing music.
When the ‘morning-surf’ was finished, he spent the rest of the day making beats,
sent some to the Motorola contest MotoMix, (a Brazilian competition for beatmakers)
and was selected as a winner out of 2600 producers.
Ever since he performed successfully in Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro.
Around 2009 he returned to Belgium and worked on a new live set. The ‘Drum-pad
show’ was born. A project in which Beatbutcher combines his MPD24 (the controller
version off the AKAI MPC) with self made MIDI controllers, synths and a scratch-table.

It was ment for the 2 galactic-surfers to meet,
it was written in the stars to make parties like you never seen before.

May the source be with you.
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